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Student Teaching

We're eager to share what we're learning.

That is why our programs offer exceptional student teaching experiences that provide you with opportunities to learn and explore the various methods of teaching and classroom management to help you overcome future challenges.

We believe you, as a new teacher, need practice teaching combined with effective mentoring to prepare you for your future job as an educator. We are confident that your student teaching experiences will help prepare you to deal with the common problems teachers face each day. In order for you to get the most out of your time as a student teacher, we encourage your cooperating teacher to be involved with your experience and to provide feedback each day. Collaborating with your teacher will help you cultivate new skills and abilities.

Office of Teacher Clinical Experiences

All candidates enrolled in the undergraduate program will be required to complete a teacher internship (student teaching) and candidates in the Certification-Only Program will be required to complete either a teacher internship (student teaching) or an academic internship under the direct supervision of the Office of Teacher Clinical Experiences. 

For more information, see the requirements for teacher internships (student teaching) or academic internships for the undergraduate programs or the Certification-Only Program.  

Mandatory Meetings

All candidates enrolled in the undergraduate programs and the Certification-Only Program are required to attend two mandatory meetings held on the same day by the Office of Teacher Clinical Experiences and the Office of Student Services.